Basics of Digital SLR Photography Class

Braun Photography is excited to offer an afternoon class on the Basics of Digital SLR Photography! This a class for beginners covering things like exposure, aperture, and shutter speed as well as simple concepts like focal length and depth of field. We will have a time of teaching followed by a hands-on shoot where you’ll have the opportunity to use your cameras to photograph real-world subjects. We’ll help you understand what the camera is doing and how to take control to capture the photos you want. This is a basic level class designed for people interested in photography such as students and parents covering the essential functions of modern DSLR cameras in way that’s easy to understand.

The class will be held at our house here in Dayton on May 1, 2010, and the hands-on shooting will take place a short drive away in downtown.

The class has a fee of $150 per person.

You must bring along your own DSLR camera and at least one lens. Make and model don’t matter at all. If you happen to own a Canon camera, we will have our selection of various lenses available for you to use and try. If not, we’ll help you learn to use whatever you already own.

For more information, and to sign up, click on the image below!