If you're reading this, your wedding day is getting close! The following questionnaire will provide us with the details we need to be as prepared as possible on your wedding day. As you're scrolling through, note that we have provided some suggestions and advice along the way. We know it's long, but we appreciate you taking the time to fill it out!

In addition to this form, we ask that you also email us a complete schedule of the day, including the reception, as soon as you have a working draft. We'll be happy to provide input if we see anything that stands out to us. Now is also a good time to begin compiling a list of family group photos, which you can send to us ahead of time as well.

Thank you, we're excited!

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Please enter the usernames or links of any social media accounts that you'd like us to know. Please include your wedding #hashtag if you have one.
Alternate Contact *
Alternate Contact
Please enter the name of a contact person, other than your planner/coordinator, who will be with you on the wedding day (a sister, maid of honor, etc).
Alternate Contact Phone Number *
Alternate Contact Phone Number
We suggest that you have your flowers delivered to the location where we plan on starting photos. This may mean the "first look" location, it may mean the location where the girls are getting ready, or it may be the church. Don't have your flowers delivered to the church if you need them somewhere else beforehand!
Choosing a place to get ready can seem overwhelming, but we believe it's really pretty simple. Whether it's at someone's home, a hotel room, or even a killer Airbnb, pick a location that is relatively clean, minimal, and a room with as much window light as possible. This will benefit your makeup artist as well as give us the best scenario for beautiful photos.

We usually like to arrive after hair and makeup has already begun, usually around the time YOU get started. In our experience you should have us arrive about midway through this process.

Cameron + Mindy will both arrive as the bride is getting ready, and Cameron will leave when appropriate to meet up with the guys.
Photographer Start Time *
Photographer Start Time
Please include the address for the location where you'll be getting ready.
Please include the address for the location where you'll be getting ready.
This is it. The key to the entire day. Planning your entire schedule revolves around the ceremony. We recommend finishing any photos at least 45 minutes before the start of the ceremony, to allow you to "hide" while guests begin arriving.
Ceremony Start Time
Ceremony Start Time
How long do you anticipate the ceremony lasting? (in minutes)
Our approach to shooting your reception is very photojournalistic and hands off. The good news is we basically just need to know where to be and when to be there.

The only advice we have is to please plan on giving us approximately ten minutes to arrive and get set up before the introductions take place. We usually have plenty of time, but when we don't, things can get stressful. Let us know if you have questions about this.
Reception Start Time
Reception Start Time
While it's often assumed that we will be fed during the reception, it's not always obvious what or when. We request that we are able to eat at around the same time as the bride and groom. This ensures that we won't miss any important events that may take place after you're finished eating.

We would also love to eat what the guests are eating, and if possible, we would prefer to be seated at a table in the room, so we can pay attention and be ready to jump up at a moment's notice.

As much as it has become more popular to see each other before the ceremony, many couples still choose to wait. Whichever you choose, it's important that we know ahead of time.

Keep in mind, if you choose to wait, we would like to have at least one full hour scheduled for photos of the bridal party and intimate portraits of the bride and groom, NOT including family photos.
Will you be doing a "First Look?" *
Would you like to see each other before the ceremony?
The importance of family photos cannot be overlooked. They're never much fun for anyone involved, but in twenty, thirty, or fifty years, these will be the photos that we all look back on to remember those we love the most.

We suggest planning on thirty minutes for all of the family photos to take pace, and we recommend doing them immediately following the ceremony.
If you don't have a preference, we will choose the best spot for family photos using our descretion (and we will always check with you to make sure). If you do have an idea of where you'd like them, please enter that here.
Often times we're able to shoot your entire day using the locations we're already going to for the wedding events. On occasion, some couples may choose to have photos taken at an offsite location. If you have ideas of where you'd like to go in addition to the planned locations, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Keep in mind, we'll need to plan in extra time, both for shooting at multiple locations as well as travel for the bridal party (wrangling a group of people can be easier said than done).
Occasionally we may reach out to other vendors before and after the wedding. Having this information also allows us to submit your wedding for publication easier and faster. Please enter the name, website, and email address for any or all of the following vendors.
We love to keep in touch after the wedding day, and especially when we send you your album, it's good to know what your plans are for after this whole thing is over.
Will you be changing your name(s)? *
Seems like a silly question, but let's be honest, it can be a little bit confusing for those who don't know.