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You have a story, and it's amazing. We know this, because when you commit to each other in marriage, the story is always amazing. We believe that marriage is the greatest story two people can tell, and that love can change the world.

Photography is storytelling.

We want to get to know you, and capture real moments. We want to use our hearts more than our heads. We want to take risks, and make photos we've never made before. Your story is worth it. Our goal every time we pick up our cameras is to push ourselves to make the best photographs we've ever made, creating beautiful, meaningful images that will blow your mind and tell your amazing story in it's finest form.

That's what we're all about.


We're the Brauns and we can't wait to tell your story.


We are Cameron + Mindy, and we live in a cozy home in Dayton, Ohio with two amazing kids and one amazing dog. We've been working as a team for over seven years (we've been married for ten!), and we have photographed hundreds of weddings together, not to mention countless engagement sessions. We're passionate about creating jaw-dropping images, but not at the expense of being real. Our job is to capture you and your story.

People often describe our photos as "natural" and "authentic," and that couldn't be more of a compliment. Over the years we've learned how to read our couples, to communicate our vision, and to encourage real, emotional connections in front of the camera.


We are available throughout the state of Ohio, and we consider Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati all part of our service area.
We're so thankful that this job allows us to work worldwide as well. Our passports are always valid, and we love to travel!


Every Wedding Collections Includes:


+ Cameron + Mindy

+ Fully Edited Images

+ Cloud Delivery

+ Online Ordering

+ High-Res Digital Files


prices begin at $3800


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