Year One

This week is officially our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We’re facing this next year head on and we’re excited about the opportunities that lay ahead. As part of this anniversary celebration, we’ve been doing a little bit of housekeeping and have spiced up our brand a little bit. We’ve dropped my first name from all of our branding, in an effort to show that Mindy is just as much a part of this little operation as I am.

You can also now follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( This is a new Facebook page, so for those of you who are “fans” on the current Cameron Braun Photography, please come over and be fans on the new page as well.

As part of this new branding, we’re also making a new commitment to providing the most complete experience for our clients. We’re constantly searching for great new products for you, and we’ve found a few things that we’re working on that we know you’re going to love. As part of this we’ve decided to attend this years WPPI conference in Las Vegas. We’ve been members of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Professionals International) for almost a year now, but the conference is new for us. It’s a week of classes taught by some of the most respected photographers around the country. There’s also a huge trade show where we’ll be able to look at samples of new products to enhance your experience with us. We’re super pumped about it, especially since Mindy and I have never been to Vegas.

We also got new business cards printed this week. Next time you see us, ask for one. You’ll like to look at it. You’ll like to touch it. You’ll like to smell it… okay, maybe not the smell thing, but they’re covered in glossy damask sweetness!