Elise + Matt :: Indianapolis Wedding Photography

Okay… so maybe Indianapolis is a stretch. Elise and Matt got married in Anderson, Indiana, which is just outside Indy. They’re one of those perfect couples, they’re both amazing looking people, but they’re just so awesome to be around too. Elise is soft spoken and sweet, and Matt is just fun. And he looks a little bit like Jude Law. They were the first couple we met with after our trip to Las Vegas, and it paid huge dividends. We met up with them a few weeks before the wedding at Chili’s (which by the way is one of those weird restaurants that we rarely go to, but EVERYTHING on the menu is amazing), and sat down and got to know them on a more personal level and hashed out details.

That meeting spurred them to hunt down a cool location near the church for pictures, and you can see the SHA-WEET barn they found. Did I mention how great they were to work with?!

Elise and Matt both went to Cedarville University, which is where Mindy and I first met. It’s always great to work with couples from CU, one because they’re always fantastic people, but two because we usually get to see old friends that we haven’t seen in a while.