Amanda + Brett :: Dover Wedding Photography

Amanda and Brett’s wedding was a big experiment for us. We had planned on trying our very first Same Day Slideshow. For those of you wondering what that really means, basically we set up our laptop and an LCD display at the reception that ran a slideshow of the images from earlier in the day. It was a huge hit with everyone at the reception, some of the guest and family members stood in front of it for a good three or four cycles of the slideshow! The cool part is that it could potentially turn into a great marketing tool for us. It’s really a win-win.

They key is that we don’t have a lot of time to sit and edit these photos. We’ve been working hard lately to improve the quality and accuracy of our photos straight out of the camera. It’s a combination of better lenses, better knowledge, and more experience. It’s also mission critical to understand the lighting situation. Light is by far the number one most important aspect of great photography, but it’s also the hardest to understand and control consistently. I think a unique use of light is what separates a good photographer from a great one, and I feel like we’re getting there.

The whole thing was made even better because… well… look at them. Amanda is the sweetest girl ever, and it’s honestly impossible to take a bad photo of her. Brett was confident and proud. We were cracking up all day though, cause that guy can blink! Good thing we shoot doubles of every photo, cause Brett was probably blinking in every other photo. I had to remind Amanda throughout the day that he also had his eyes open in every other photo. Too funny! 

Same Day Slideshows are something we’re going to try and implement into as many future weddings as possible. If this is something you think you’d be interested in, make sure you head over to the contact page and set up a meeting!

Many of the images you see are either unedited or have been touched up just slightly.

This next photo is one of my favorites. You can see Amanda and Brett, as well as Amanda’s parents, family members, and friends all checking out the slideshow at the reception. Amanda’s mom even said, “The same-day-slideshow of was FABULOUS, Cameron and Mindy!! I could have stood there and watched it for hours :) You guys rock!! ♥” Whether it’s a Same Day Slideshow, or just delivering a simple photo of a bride dancing with her dad, that response is why we do what we do!