Kelsie + Kevin :: Columbus Engagement Photography

Part two of our double header…

After our trip to the county fair, we met up with Kelsie and Kevin just outside the city of Delaware (which is just north of Columbus). Kelsie lined up access to an old train. These first two are from that train, but as you can see we got out of there real quick. It must have been 90º and musty in there!

We explored the area around the train, and found some pretty killer stuff, and the sun…. mmmmmm… the sun was just perfect! This is exactly why we recommend scheduling your session just before sunset.

We were hanging out near this fenced off power unit, and Kelsie goes, “Man, this fence reminds me of Prison Break.” BAM, that was all it took and I had this idea. Really happy with how closely this matched what I saw in my head!

Do yourself a favor and just look at Kelsies EYES! Wow, we cannot get over how intense and colorful they are! (They are NOT photoshopped or altered in any way)