Molly + Nick :: Dayton Engagement Photography

I’m struggling to even know where to start with this post. To say the least, Molly is a unique bride. We’ve never had a more thorough, hard-hitting client. She knows what she wants, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure she’s going to be happy with the results. But she’s also one of the friendliest brides we’ve ever met. She’s honest and straight forward, asks questions and can’t wait for her wedding.

Nick… well the first thing that comes to mind, you can tell that he absolutely loves Molly and knows how lucky he is. Again, just such a nice guy, we got along so well! How many clients can I list that I’ve ridden in the car with and simultaneously rapped along with Dr. Dre? Just one.

I’m not sure we’ve ever connected with a couple as much as we did with Molly and Nick. We had a blast shooting and hanging out, and learned so much about them! Nick’s in med school, he used to play wide receiver at Ashland, he ran track, and he drives an Acura RSX. Molly does video production at a church, she loves experimenting with food combinations, and drinks hot water… plain. Don’t judge.

It also doesn’t hurt that they’re both really really ridiculously good looking. (movie?)

They’re totally in love, and I think it really shows. These are some of our favorite photos we’ve ever taken. 

Nick totally working his model face (Molly’s aint half bad either!):

Officially the most fun couple ever!!!

The one on the right here… this was the shot Nick had been preparing for, apparently for weeks. Spinning around in the mirror… exercising his “grey graphite” (which by the way is a notch above the amateur “blue steel”) and doing his male model research. Pretty sure he nailed it.