Welcome to the brand new blog!

We're so excited to announce that with the launch of our new website, we also have a brand new, totally overhauled blog! There are a TON of new features and enhancments, and the new system will allow us to add even more functionality and features really easily in the future. If there's something you'd really like to see, please leave a comment on this post with your suggestions. The first, and biggest new feature is that ability for us to post individually authored posts. You'll see up at the top of this post, just below the title that it was written by "BRAUNphotography." That means it was a joint effort between us and more of a business related post. Posts written by Cameron will say so, and same for Mindy.

Poke around and check out the new site, leave us some comments, and we'll try to showcase a few of the other cool features in the coming weeks. Hope you love it!

If you'd like to access any of our older posts from the old blog, you can view them here: BRAUNphotography Tumblr.