Lily + Joseph // Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

This is the third wedding that we’ve shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Grand Rapids has easily been our most popular city to shoot outside of Ohio, and the most interesting thing is that, according to some of our friends from the area, Grand Rapids has the highest number of professional photographers per capita in the country. I won’t say how accurate that is, but it’s fun that people are still inviting us to come up there instead of hiring a local. Lily + Joseph are such a perfect couple, their love is so evident when they’re together. And like their siblings said during their toasts, each one has an infectious laughter. We had a blast wandering through the small town of Lowell searching out some great spots and enjoying the weather.

Which turned sour. We had great partly sunny to overcast skies during our bridal party photos, and almost on cue when we returned to the venue the rain started. That meant packing up all the chairs and moving the whole ceremony inside. I couldn’t believe how great their attitudes remained and how calm they both were about everything. Their friends and family worked with the staff, and the whole thing was set up in about 10 minutes it seemed.

Despite the setback, the ceremony was beautiful, with Joseph washing Lily’s feet and vice versa. What a beautiful picture of humility and servanthood, it was pretty powerful.

Congratulations guys, we had a great time with you and your families, and thanks again for having us come up to the mitten state to be with you!


Ceremony + Reception: Grand Volute Ballrooms