Best of 2013 // Wedding Portraits

In our last post, we wrote a little bit about how we approach a wedding as photojournalists. We love capturing the wedding day as it unfolds in front of us, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't love the small part of the day when we get to steal the bride and groom for portraits. Each of our couples is very dear to us, and we cherish the time that we get to spend with them, away from the madness of all the checklists, alone for a few minutes, ignoring the responsibilities and just enjoying each other. It's pretty incredible to not only witness two people in love, but to have the honor of translating their love into a photograph, tailoring our style to their unique relationship. Not to mention, there's no better time to really push ourselves creatively. We hope you guys enjoy some of our favorite portraits of 2013.

Erin + Dave // Denison University Wedding // Columbus, Ohio

One of our favorites things about wedding days is scouting out our location in the morning, and finding awesome spots that might not seem so awesome to the casual observer. Erin + Dave got married on the campus of Denison University, a beautiful school located just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The campus is made up of a variety of architectural styles, and  surrounded with trees. As we were walking around, one of the least assuming buildings on campus, the student union, caught my eye. Even the bridal party gave a weird look when I pointed out this gorgeous slate wall surrounding just one small part of the lower level, next to some trash cans. I instantly knew that the light was perfect, and the color and texture would make for some great portraits. In fact, the photos you see in front of that wall are some of our favorites we've ever taken, and the average person has probably never even noticed.