Cherilyn + Ben :: Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Downtown Cincinnati. Need I say more?

Cherie and Ben had a fantastic idea. They drove around downtown and mapped out a “photo adventure” for their wedding day. They picked some of their favorite spots around the city and came up with a plan ahead of time. It worked out great (as you would expect), and we were able to shoot in some really unique locations with a wide variety of textures and colors.

We love it when couples are excited about their photos! One of the most important services your photographer can offer is the ability to help you plan your wedding day schedule. That’s why we take time to work together with our couples to make sure their ideas and our expertise mesh. It not only helps things flow smoothly, but it lowers your stress level and allows us to take the great photos that you expect!

Oh, and we’d be silly if we didn’t mention her amazing CHEESECAKE wedding cake. Umm… delicious.