Aimee + Ryan :: Dayton Wedding Photography

Let’s be real here. Cameron is a shoe nut. A sneaker freak. A man that loves shoes. I know, I know. (I can say, I still have way more shoes than him!) Now Converse Chuck Taylors are actually not our favorite shoes. Sure, we both own a pair, but I’d much rather wear my flip-flops, and Cameron has a mild obsession with Vans right now. BUT, I think Chucks might just be the greatest wedding shoe ever.

Ryan and his guys were kitted out with Chucks, and Ryan totally pulled off the all white.

And then there’s the pink Cadillac. If shoes aren’t a bit of an obsession for Cameron, cars most definitely are. Aimee mentioned that they’d be having a pink Caddy convertible a few weeks before the wedding, and from that moment we started brainstorming how we could use it for some great photos.

We have to give a big thanks to the bridal party for being very cooperative all day. We pushed the limits of our time, but everyone was very pleasant and you guys were all so fun to work with!