Casie + Darrell // Top Of The Market Wedding // Dayton, OH

When it comes to personal style, I wouldn't say that I have expensive taste, but I do have a very specific taste. I'm picky about what I wear and how it fits. I'll be the first to admit that my sense of style may not be just like yours, and yours probably won't be just like mine. We don't have to agree, but I respect people who actually care. When we found out that Casie was going to be wearing a pink Vera Wang dress, both of our eyes lit up. You see, I'm not really into women's fashion much, and I don't really care about big names. Heck, I don't even know most of the big names. But I like said, I love it when people have an opinion. I love it when you can tell that some thought went into making a decision. The way I worded it on the wedding day was, "you don't accidentally choose to wear a pink Vera Wang." Casie looked absolutely stunning in her gown, but what struck me most was the fact that she made a decision. A real decision to wear something that wasn't the status quo. And she absolutely nailed it.

That sense of taste, and attention to detail went into every part of her wedding. She designed the whole thing herself, and at the reception her mom even made a comment about how picky she was about even the typeface that was used on the programs and reception signage (and if you know much about my background in graphic design, you'll know I'm a huge typography buff). It goes without saying that Casie + Darrell's wedding was amazing. Enjoy.


Dress: Vera Wang

Ceremony: Grace United Methodist Church

Reception: Top Of The Market

Flowers: Sherwood Florist

Cupcakes: Elé Cake Company