Emma + Casey - Modern Centennial Barn Wedding - Cincinnati, Ohio

When we first met Casey, he was shy and reserved, but quickly realized that we were pushing him to speak up and to have a voice. We learned that he and Cameron share a common interest in men's fashion, that they (make an effort to) understand menswear trends, and that looking good is important. For their wedding, Casey had a custom tuxedo crafted by hand just for him. He knows his tailor by his first name. Emma even joked on the wedding day that his tux probably cost more than her dress. Emma got ready in their amazing mid century modern inspired house in Mount Adams, which they both worked hard to have ready for the wedding day. We called them the day before to run over a few last minute details, and Casey was drilling holes in the wall to hang a shelf. They were both working on making the day perfect until the very morning of the wedding. It was so cool to see it come together, and to see both of their tastes come through. And they have good taste. There are few things that inspire us more than a couple who both genuinely care about each other and their day.

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