2014 Best Of

Twenty fourteen will go down as a big one. We started the year out right, with a few frigid winter weddings bookeneding the birth of our second child, little Finley. She’s been an absolute joy to have in our family, and her first birthday is tomorrow! The year overflowed with the blessing of amazing couples, who let us into their lives in ways that will forever make this the greatest job on Earth.

We had fun, vibey weddings in people’s backyards, filled with love and careful thought. We had classic, elegant weddings in romantic ballrooms with dramatic black tie attire. We had weddings in unused warehouses absolutely bursting with handmade details. We sat at the table of the bride’s parents, and shared drinks with the groom’s closest friends.

We hugged, we cried, and we laughed. The people that we work with are so much more than clients. We have a unique look into such a special moment in people’s lives, and it’s hard not to form a bond. To all of our couples this year, we cannot thank you enough for how you welcomed us into your families and made us feel like so much more than vendors.