Cincinnati Music Hall

2015 - Year In Review

Every year we grow. Every year we learn something new. Every year we make so many new friends, and form bonds with couples that transcend their wedding days. Every year we're more proud of the work we've created, and this year is no exception. Twenty fifteen had it's fair share of challenges, but it was also an incredible year of growth, both as artists and as partners. Mindy and I have been so encouraged and blessed this year, and we have so many people to thank for making all of this possible. This thing we call our job is truly, sincerely, so much more than that.

Julia + Michael - Music Hall Wedding Cincinnati Ohio

It's hard to know what to write.

This couple and this family mean so much to us, and to be a part of just a joyous day was nothing short of an honor. As you'll see, the smiles didn't stop the entire day. Julia + Michael are perfect for each other, and the uniting of their families was no doubt orchestrated by God.

This past weekend, just a mere seven weeks after saying 'I do,' Julia was diagnosed with Leukemia. In these days after receiving news that could derail anyone, Julia, Michael, and their families are filled with a faith and a trust in God that is public and undeniable. We know that He is at work, and that His name will be made great through this story.

As we wrap up editing their photos, the impact of what we do feels clearer than ever. Would you please pray for Julia as she fights this terrible disease? She is strong, and she has what is likely the best support system that anyone has ever had in her husband, parents, and sisters, but she needs people in her corner pleading with God for healing. Pray that the doctors would have wisdom, and ultimately, that many people would come to know Jesus because of the testimony of this young woman and her family.