Lake Erie

Lauren + Max - Put-In-Bay Wedding on the Lake Erie Coast.


"Why Ohio?"

We get this question often, and the answer has never been entirely clear, even for us. I didn't grow up here, so I don't have that innate sense of "home." At the same time, our kids were born here. Mindy's family is here. There's something special about this place. The closer we become with our neighbors, our church, and our photography community, the more the question becomes irrelevant. But besides the people, we're consistently surprised by this amazing state. The more we explore, the more we come to discover, and the more we appreciate where we live.

And so it was at Lauren + Max's wedding. Seeing the western coast of Lake Erie for the first time, and riding the ferry to Put-In-Bay, we had visions of our travels to the Pacific Northwest, and even in a sense, our trip to Italy's coast. This is a landscape that we honestly didn't know existed right here in our backyard. But unlike the PNW or Europe, being at their wedding still gave us a feeling of belonging, which is a comfort that anyone can relate to.

Ohio. Because this is home.

Alana + David - Old Courthouse Wedding - Cleveland, Ohio

Torrential downpours, sunshine, snow, wind, and clouds. We pretty much saw the full weather spectrum.

No one really wanted to spend much time outside, so the bridal party decided it was time for shots. Alana convinced Butcher and the Brewer to open their doors just for us. You can get away with a lot when you're in a wedding dress.

We walked to our hotel at the end of the night with signs blowing off buildings and our bodies at a 45° angle.

Alana was gorgeous, and their love was tangible, but If we could make a day like this pretty, we can make anything pretty. Bring it on.

What a way to start the season.

2015 - Year In Review

Every year we grow. Every year we learn something new. Every year we make so many new friends, and form bonds with couples that transcend their wedding days. Every year we're more proud of the work we've created, and this year is no exception. Twenty fifteen had it's fair share of challenges, but it was also an incredible year of growth, both as artists and as partners. Mindy and I have been so encouraged and blessed this year, and we have so many people to thank for making all of this possible. This thing we call our job is truly, sincerely, so much more than that.